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Using the website

In order to navigate around the website you can use the buttons located at the top of each page. These are:

  • "Home", which will take you to the first page of the OPS website.
  • "About Us", which will give you an overview of the company.
  • "Products", which will allow you to search through our extensive online catalogue and view product information and images. If you are a registered customer you can also view product pricing and add products to your order.
  • "Services", which will give you an overview of the services we provide.
  • "Register", which will allow you to apply for an account with Office Product Solutions and enable you to order using this website.
  • "Contact", which will provide you with our contact information.

You can also use the links on the side of each page which allow you to login to the website (if you are a registered user), and view Privacy and Help information.


If you have any questions that are not answered by this Help page, please contact us by email to customerservice@ops.net.au OR by telephone on (02) 9756 2277.